Arts & Crafts Ideas For Your Toddler

I find that most parents do not encourage their kid’s creative side by letting them do some arts and crafts. Most parents say that these items are expensive and they cannot afford to fork out a few dollars a month to keep their child entertained. Arts and crafts for toddlers need not be expensive though as you can easily prepare them at home. After all, your child does not really know the difference between a store bought set and a homemade one.

Start by laying down old newspapers on the floor to prevent paint from getting all over the house. Next, chop up some vegetables with funky shapes, e.g. the popular okra. Show your child how to dip the okra into paint and stamp it on the artboard. It is fun, simple and costs practically nothing!

You can even get your child to use their fingers to make little paint dots. If placed correctly, these paint dots can form all sorts of shapes. Alternatively, you can clip a cotton ball to some clothes pegs to form little stamping tools. If you do not have any of these lying around, you can also use an old toilet paper roll.

If you have some old boxes lying around, you can use them as a “paper house”. Simply give your child some marker pens and watch them go crazy drawing and doodling on the inside of the box. This alone can keep your toddler entertained for hours. It also develops their creative side.